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We offer a wide range of services, no question is strange for us. Some before you already asked us, don't worry.
Some of our main services.


We are ready to answer your questions or support you with selecting a product. From selecting the perfect product to designing importlabels conform to EU regulations.


We have experiance with import beverages from Japan, we are more than willing to assist your compant with the import and customs clearance.


We import our product direcly from breweries in Japan, we always optimise the import flow to get the best and quickest results.


There are many types and styles of Japanese beverages on the market, these are our main groups:

Japanese (Premium) Sake

Commonly called sake outside of Japan, nihonshu or sake (note that "sake" is the general Japanese term for alcohol drink). Sake is a alcoholic drink made from water, rice, yeast and koji-kin. No additives, no sugar, just clean and pure. It is also called rice wine. There are about 10 main types and 50 styles on the market. We're happy to guide you to the right choice.

Japanese Beer

Beer in Japan comes mostly from the country's four major beer producers, but there is more than that. We, the Dutch, brought it to Japan and now hundred years later there are some great (micro) breweries in Japan. WeвЂôve already started importing some, just add them to your beverageвЂôs menu.


Umeshu is made of ume (family of the plum), sugar, and shochu or sake. Its sweet, fruity flavour and aroma can appeal to those who normally dislike alcohol. Umeshu can be served as an appetiser or dessert drink and is also often used in cocktails.

Japanese beverages support


We are proud that we can call these brand our partners, together we are working to expand our markets and grow in brand awareness.

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